The winners have been found: 21 ideas for safe, collaborative robots to be launched

Aske Bach Lassen

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The winners have been found: 21 ideas for safe, collaborative robots to be launched

75 applicants submitted proposals related to safe, collaborative robotics in the first application round of the European project COVR. 21 of these ideas were selected to receive an Award which includes funding of up to € 150,000 - approximately 1.1 million kroner.

"The COVR project has excited very broad interest, which we can see by having received applications from industry, universities and even law firms", says Aske Bach Lassen, who is project manager for COVR at the Danish Technological Institute (DTI).

"Receiving so many applications is a testimony that safety around collaborative robots is at the top of many Danish and European companies' agenda", he adds.

The 75 applications came from countries across Europe including France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Three of the 21 winning companies are based in Denmark: Cobot Lift, Life Science Robotics and Enabled Robotics.

Now the winning companies will begin implementing their ideas to help increase the safety of people who work closely with robots. They will start by visiting their nearest COVR partner.

"The next step for the Danish companies that have won an Award will be to meet with DTI's experts in the field of robot safety to receive guidance on how safety can be improved and validated for their respective applications", says Aske Bach Lassen. "The various projects will generate a lot of experience with safety and its validation -- which will be collected by the COVR project and made available to European industry through an online platform: the COVR Toolkit.

Introducing the Danish winners:

Cobot Lift has developed a solution where a traditional vacuum lifter fitted to a UR robot arm can achieve a lifting capacity of 25 kilos. The UR robot controls the movement of the lifter and its load and in this way can help the employee with e.g. lifting sacks or other heavy items that can be damaging for people to carry.

Life Science Robotics is behind the robot Robert, who will help get Danish patients back on their feet faster. Robert is a rehabilitation robot who can mobilise bedridden patients. The robot is attached to the patient, after which the nurse performs the movement that constitutes the rehabilitation. Robert remembers the movement and can then perform it independently, so that the nurse is protected from repetitive actions holding heavy limbs.

Enabled Robotics specializes in systems involving robotic arms mounted on mobile platforms. The company develops software platforms for the mobile robots, combining their mobility with the ability of the arms to perform complex tasks.

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