Unique nano coatings for the Industry - Do you need a water- and oil resistant coating?

Kenneth Brian Haugshøj

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Unique nano coatings for the Industry - Do you need a water- and oil resistant coating?

At The Danish Technological Institute Nano- and Microtechnology we develope coatings to products that requires a oli- or water resistant filter to prevent the product from breaking when it is used. Such products can be microphones and headsets that are exposed to spit and sweat. With the right coating you can prevent the fluids from damaging the electronics in the products.

We do not have a standard solution for a coating. We develope a coating fits your product´s material and use. With our great expertise in surface characterisation we also have the qualifications to tell on a nano scale how we structure or change a coating and inform you on the chemical composition.

Less faults and complaints 
We have used our expertises to create coatings for many different products, here amoung hearings aids for the Danish manufacturing company Widex A/S. A hearing aid is exposed to both sweat and grease from earwax when used and this will cause corrosion and subsequent faults if the fluids taps into the electronics. Therefore the coating has given great value to both the consumer, who has less technical problems, and the company, who has less complaints and reconstructions.

Do you have problems with fluids in your product? 
If you experience fluids in your product we would be glad to help you develope the right coating for you. Give us a call for an unformal talk and hear about your posibilieties.