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86209 - Værdiskabelse i projekter - en effektiv og praktisk tilgang

Value creation in projects - An efficient and practical approach

How do you secure that your projects deliver the expected business value? Gain insight and competence in the TOP Value Equation method that handles the whole project - from idea to the realization of the value - and provides you with efficient tools to optimize all parts of your project, e.g. the business case, the ongoing monitoring of progress, follow up on delivery, business implementation, benefits realization, etc. The TOP method maximizes the business value of your projects.

TOP Value Equation is a best practice method, which ties the business goals to the related benefits, the expected business value and the change activities in one single process. It ensures that these elements are made concrete and measurable, and helps you to keep the overview and maximize the value of your projects from day 1.

The method is a valuable tool in relation to any project; it is easy to apply and constitutes a strong supplement to all the common project- and program management techniques and frameworks as e.g. PMI, IPMA, PRINCE2 and MSP.

TOP Value Equation is an internationally recognized, holistic approach to value creation, which gives you the methods, processes and tools to create a value chain for your project, which can be used actively and efficiently in the management of the project.


Get insight into how to:

  • develop a better and more simple business case which contains far more business value
  • secure the focus on the business goals in the management of your project
  • make the business better understand, engage and take ownership of the projects
  • optimize the business value to be delivered by the projects
  • simplify the benefits realization of the projects
  • execute a more precise follow up through clearly defined project- and business goals
  • apply the techniques of the method to identify all change activities
  • tie the change activities directly to the desired goals and benefits
  • use the tools of the method to analyze proposed changes to project scope and uncover and define the consequences to the goals, benefits and business value


The course offers a thorough introduction to the method and to the related processes and tools, and enables you to systematically and consistently:

  • follow up on the delivery of business value
  • optimize the business value of the project in the business case
  • efficiently execute benefits realization
  • manage and improve expectations
  • clearly identify and communicate the consequences of any change requests

Participant profile

This course will be of great value to all who are involved in projects - from the management team to finance and Project Portfolio Management, Product Management, Steering Committee members, project- and programme managers, Project Office, etc.


The teaching varies between theory, dialog and exercises where the adopted tools are put into action.

Both the teaching and the materials for this course are in English.


Nathan Kunkel
Nathan Kunkel is a very experienced Business Development Manager, who has 27 years of experience within IT and Finance, e.g. from his employment in various parts of the Maersk Group. Nathan has been key in the introduction of the TOP Value Equation in northern Europe, and is experienced in the teaching of this method providing him with consistently high grades from evaluations in previous courses. Originally, Nathan comes from the USA and he has lived in Denmark since 1988.

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