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Writing a world class Business Case

The business case is the foundation for getting projects approved and for providing the groundwork for successful project deliveries. The course teaches you the key components for writing and evaluating successful business cases.

Make your business case count!

You will learn what is needed for a convincing and relevant business case, including what information is required, how to get it, and how to write it. You will get hands on practice in writing both outcome statements (what we want to achieve) and benefit statements (what we get when we deliver the outcomes).

Participant profile

The course is for those responsible for delivering business cases, and those who are responsible for evaluating them. Both new and experienced staff will benefit.

You are welcome to bring your own business case and the chance to optimize it.

Your benefit

  • Learn the role of the business case, and the difference between the good and the bad
  • A project is an investment: understand the power of focusing on value
  • Learn how to write in understandable business terms, with transparency and precision
  • Bring clarity and measurability to benefits


  • What is a business case, and what information is required?
  • Projects are an investment: putting focus on the value added
  • The power of measurability: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it
  • Benefits, outcomes, targets, objectives, roles, responsibilities: what exactly are we trying to communicate?
  • Writing desired business outcomes: what we want to achieve
  • Linking benefits to outcomes
  • Identifying and writing benefit statements: clarity and measurability
  • Building benefit models for tracking and reporting: Benefits realization
  • Putting focus on ’change management’ into your business case


The course is a mix of practical theory, tools, discussion, and hands on practice.
Both the teaching and the materials for this course are in English.

Your Instructor

Nathan Kunkel - underviser
Nathan Kunkel is American born, living in Denmark for the last 29 years. He has more than 25 years experience working within a wide range of IT and finance roles, including long engagements within the Maersk Group and the United Nations. Strategy execution and efficient, value driven project delivery are key focuses in his professional life. He is a certified trainer in the TOP Value Equation, a value chain management tool for project initiatives, which has received high praise from both Gartner and the Harvard Business School.

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