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Yield Boost

Yield Boost


75-80% of a meat company’s expenditures lie within their raw materials, and therefore the biggest opportunity to increase profit is found in their raw material utilization.

We offer a new enhanced Yield Boost concept in which the success fee is based on real volumes and deviations – an objective and fair settlement through our Yield Control Tool, which will be included in our service.

The Yield Control Tool comprises:

  • Definition of the cutting & deboning recipes: products in and out, main and secondary products, standard yields and, if possible, variation in the standard yields per +1% LMP.
  • A comprehensive collection of data (by day, shift and batch) of the incoming carcass weights and the outgoing product weights.
  • If the LMP is included in the model, the LMP per batch/recipe must be known.
  • The detail of the number of pieces produced per cutting & deboning recipe.
  • The reference prices cannot be changed during the project (unlike the production volumes). They must be break-even prices, so the economic result is not affected by the Product Mix.
  • Labour costs (e.g. Euros per kg) per recipe shall be known.
  • The Economic Result is calculated as the sum of the product of each Article Weight times its Reference Price: Σ (Article Weighti x Pricei) where i = 1… N.

DMRI has developed various concepts to improve the meat companies’ competitive advantages based on raw material utilization under the suite DMRI Pork Profit.


Enhance your profit with a positive cash flow without any or with limited capital investment:

  • Based on your products
  • Same infrastructure and process equipment
  • Same staffing

The methodology and work plan for the Yield Boost project is as follows:

Work plan for the Yield Boost project
















We assist you in boosting your export market value by producing higher uniformity and quality standards of the products.

As a team for the next 12 months – we will train, teach and coach you in how to increase profit based on the DMRI Follow-up Management System – a set of KPI’s that are systematically monitored and registered throughout the project. The company’s culture focus and mindset will be changed to a pro-active organization taking immediate actions to deviations.

We have a positive reference list with more than 40 Yield Boost projects and with an increased profit of 0.05 to 0.20 /Kg cut meat for our customers.