You Need No Longer Be a Programmer to Run a Robot

Karsten Thornø Ahrentsen

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You Need No Longer Be a Programmer to Run a Robot

You specify your item’s height, width and location, and then the robot starts up. MTC in the UK and DTI, together with robot manufacturer EasyRobotics, created a solution that makes it easier to program their robot cells.

- This solution has made the complexity disappear. You need not be a programmer to run a robot anymore. This makes it possible for even bluecollar workers to set up a machine and a robot make it work, says CEO Per Lachenmeier from EasyRobotics.

The solution is based on Universal Robots+, which enables distributors, developers and integrators to connect new pieces using UR robots' built-in application.

- We used Universal Robots' development environment - URCaps - to create an integrated solution directly on the robot controller system. In addition, we developed some customised menus for users of EasyRobotics' systems. It is now possible to define new magazine types and new items for robot handling so that installation (or conversion) time and complexity are minimized, says consultant Karsten Thornø Ahrentsen from DTI.

EasyRobotics continues to develop tools to make it easier to work with robots in production.

Watch the video above and hear CEO Per Lachenmeier from EasyRobotics talk about the solution.

The project is part of ROBOTT-NET, where EasyRobotics applied for and received a voucher for their robot idea. Vouchers give access to approx. 400 hours of free consultancy from some of the best technology transfer institutes in Europe.

See the EasyRobotics voucher at, where you can also see many other exciting voucher projects.