Display cabinets

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Display cabinets

Display cabinets

We offer accredited testing of all types of display cabinets of various shapes and sizes and with multiple functions as well as evaluation and development of design and technology. The types of display cabinets include glass door bottle coolers, beer coolers, wine coolers, ice cream cabinets, open air bottle coolers with air curtain, and much more.

Ecodesign and Energy Labelling

Studies by the European Commission show that professional and commercial refrigeration and freezer appliances such as display cabinets are eligible for ecodesign and energy labelling requirements, and by improving the design of your appliances, you can reduce environmental impacts and achieve energy savings. Often, the energy consumption can be reduced with more than 50%. However, the requirements are still on the drawing board. The first ecodesign and energy labelling requirements are expected to come into force in 2019.

Lab services

Our high-tech laboratory at Danish Technological Institute is accredited to test professional and commercial refrigeration and freezer appliances according to the following international test standards:

  • Accredited testing according to EN/ISO 23953
  • Testing according to EN 16902
  • Testing according to regulation 2015/1095 and regulation 2015/1094
  • Consultancy on ecodesign and energy labelling requirements
  • Consultancy on the development of design and new technology
  • Consultancy on the use of natural refrigerants
  • Energy optimization
  • Thermodynamic structures
  • R&D project cooperation and partnership

For further information on commercial and professional storage cabinets, please go to: www.dti.dk/34536,3


The prices depend on type of testing; please ask for your price.