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Solid biofuel

Lars Steenberg Nikolajsen

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Billede til biomasse-side

Solid biofuel

We offer a number of accredited tests of wood pellets, straw, wood chips and other solid biofuels in our biomass laboratory. The laboratory is accredited (DANAK No 300) according to ISO 17025 for the unbiased quality control of woody biomass.

An analysis package can be composed exactly as our customer wants. The package can include everything from test of water and ash content to determination of the ash melting point. For further information

Accredited tests:

  • Pretreatment of test acc. to EN 14780
  • Ash content acc. to EN 14775:2009
  • Water content acc. To EN 14774-1, 2, 3:2009
  • Ash melting behavior acc. to CEN/TS 15370-1:2006
  • Bulk density acc. to EN 15103:2010
  • Calorific value acc. to EN 14918:2010
  • Determination of particle size acc. to EN 15149-1,2:2010 
  • Mechanical durability part 1 EN 15210-1

Other tests:

  • Volatile matter acc. to EN 15148:2009
  • Sulfur acc. to EN 15289:2011Slag test (DTI method)
  • Determination of particle size distribution of disintegrated pellets EN 16126:2012
  • Single pelletizing

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