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Annual Report 2015

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Management has the floor
How to create
more jobs

An analysis conducted by the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO) of the nine largest Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) in Europe, including the Danish Technological Institute, shows that these RTOs in 2014 alone created 225,860 new jobs. And for each new job they created, three more were created outside of the organisations. The survey also shows that focusing on innovation and technological development is one of the keys to job creation. Similarly, our own figures show that DTI’s R&D revenue of DKK 400 million fosters activity in the enterprises participating in our development projects worth DKK 1.3 billion.a

38% of Danish manufacturing companies with between 5 and 250 employees do not take full advantage of the available digital opportunities in their production. For companies with 5-34 employees, 47% fall into this category. In order to improve small companies’ competitiveness, it is essential that they have a much stronger focus on digitisation, innovation and technology application. This is one of the keys to making use of the human resources we are currently welcoming to Denmark.

Danish companies have to be among the best operated and most efficient companies to keep up with international competition. The Danish Technological Institute contributes to this through a targeted focus on participation in the largest and best international development projects, where we can facilitate Danish partners’ participation on an equal footing with the very best companies in Europe. We are therefore pleased to see that our focus on knowledge transfer from the European Commission’s research programme is beginning to bear fruit – in 2015, we retrieved knowledge from 12 Horizon 2020 projects with a total budget of DKK 75 million.

It is nothing new that the world has become and is becoming more and more international. Our roots in Danish society and industry are absolutely vital to us, just as they have been since 1906: Making technology useful to the wider business community is both our livelihood and reason for existing. However, at the same time it is clear that only by setting our sights even more on markets, trends and partnerships outside of Denmark will we be able to maintain and enhance Danish enterprises’ competitiveness. For that reason, our new strategy 2016-2018 focuses on growth in DTI’s international activities. Providing a framework for continuous professional development in a global world will enable us to attract and retain the most talented specialists – the ones who can make a difference for our customers and partners. Read our strategy.

At the end of 2015, we had the pleasure of taking over 80 highly-qualified specialists from another GTS institute. AgroTech will thus start the year as one of DTI’s eight divisions. With this new addition, we have reinforced DTI’s position as the strongest institute in the field of food technology in Europe.

DTI’s focus will still be on innovation, technology and skills development. We believe that this is the key to a strong Danish industry that is capable of both maintaining existing jobs and creating new ones, thus allowing us to make use of the resources knocking on Europe’s doors. By holding on to this focus, we will further strengthen our position as Denmark’s leading innovation institute.

It is our belief that the Danish Technological Institute is a part of the solution to both the big and small challenges that will face us in 2016 – It’s all about job innovation – It’s all about job creation.

We hope you enjoy reading the report.

  • Clas Nylandsted Andersen
    Chairman of the Board of Trustees
  • Søren Stjernqvist
Download the complete financial report 2015

Would you like a closer look at the figures for 2015? You can download the complete financial report with management statement and auditor’s report, management’s review, consolidated financial statements and parent company financial statements.

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Our high-tech laboratories are equipped with world-class facilities within different areas such as energy and climate, food, biotechnology, materials, construction and production.



You can find the Danish Technological Institute in five different locations in Denmark as well as in Sweden, Spain and Poland.

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Vice President, Danish Meat Research Institute

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Mikkel Agerbæk

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Jørgen Kunter Pedersen

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Vice President, AgroTech

Board of Trustees

Clas Nylandsted Andersen

Director, Nielsen & Nielsen Holding A/S
Board of Trustees

Lars Aagaard

Deputy Chairman
CEO, Danish Energy Association
Board of Trustees

Kim Lind Larsen

Chairman, Fedaration of Building, Construction and Wood Worker's Union
Board of Trustees

Eva Bak Jacobsen

Laboratory Technician, Employee Representative
Board of Trustees

Frederik R. Steenstrup

Product Manager, Employee Representative
Board of Trustees

Anders Bjarklev

Rektor, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
Board of Trustees

Niels Techen

Director, Helmer Christiansen A/S
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Our existence is based on knowledge
and cultivating talent

We work to develop the Danish business community and to provide benefits to society at large. Therefore, it is crucial that we have innovative employees who are not only capable of collaborating with others but are also result-oriented and passionate about making a difference.

We want to attract, develop and retain the competencies that help make us Denmark’s leading innovation institute. At DTI, you have a great deal of freedom to create your own work situation, based on your own professional qualifications and curiosity.

We translate the knowledge and solutions that we have and develop them into specific products and methods that add value to enterprises. By doing this, we are able to see the results of the work we carry out being put to practical use. ‘Knowledge that works’ dominates our mindset and our work.

We promote the creation of optimal working conditions, and we support the personal and professional development of our employees, enabling us to work together to expand your talents and develop our shared knowledge base.

We are always looking for new colleagues who are both innovative and who want to make a difference.

You are welcome to send an unsolicited application here.

Press and Media

The Danish Technological Institute is devoted to translating knowledge into real value for our society. When we share our stories with the media and our business partners, we ensure an even higher level of knowledge-sharing.

We are open to sharing with both the general public and with the very small audience. What is important is that the knowledge that is generated is shared.

Below, you can see some of the most recent stories about our work and follow our news. We are very happy to help the media and our business partners find the right specialist, procure material, statements, analyses, photos, or whatever else you may need.

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