Concrete for infrastructure projects

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Concrete for infrastructure projects

Through the years, the Danish Technological Institute, Concrete Centre has provided various concrete technology services to major infrastructure projects including:

  • The Great Belt Fixed Link (initial testing, full-scale tests, and production testing of components and concrete as well as testing of the early age properties of concrete and calculations of temperature and stress).
  • The Øresund Fixed Link (owner/client consultancy, preparation of technical notes used as background information for the specifications, input for the concrete specifications, testing of the early age properties of concrete, production testing, five-year inspection).
  • The Malmö City Tunnel (initial testing of components, testing of the early age properties of concrete, temperature monitoring equipment, production testing of the concrete).
  • The Marmary Tunnel in Istanbul (scrutiny of the concrete specifications, temperature and stress calculations, courses in hardening technology, testing of early age properties of concrete, initial testing of concrete components).
  • The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link (external concrete laboratory for the Fehmarn Link, preparation of technical notes used as background information for the specifications, establishment of a field exposure site at Rødby Harbour, design and production of test samples for field exposure at Rødby Harbour).

The Concrete Centre can provide services to constructors, consultants, manufacturers, and clients in connection with large infrastructure projects.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Input for and preparation of concrete specifications
  • Scrutiny of tender specifications  
  • Development and running-in of suitable concrete mix designs
  • Initial testing, full-scale testing, and production testing in connection with the projects. All the required tests may be carried out with accreditation
  • Development of quality control systems, quality plans, and procedures relating to concrete production
  • Consultancy and testing regarding hardening technology
  • Consultancy during the construction phase
  • Problem solving and unbiased surveys in connection with defects and damages.