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Danish Technological Institute (DTI) develops, applies and transfers robot technology to the industry and society. Our focus is innovation - applying new research results and robot technologies to create the robot solutions in the markets of tomorrow. DTI is a leading European robotics-innovator with a staff of more than 60 robotic experts, well-equipped labs in Denmark and USA with more than 16.000 users every year as well as more than 125 robotic projects in the portfolio.

Focus is always on creating positive impact for end-users of robotic technologies as well as being the first mover on developing and deploying new breakthrough solutions into the market. Our motto is:
"Robotic-innovations that change your world!"

Robot technology is a growth driver with exponential progression and is therefore of high relevance to a broad range of branches and application domains. DTI is committed to create positive impact in as many branches as possible where some of the most dominant are:

  • Manufacturing & Food industry
  • Health Care & Welfare
  • Education & Entertainment
  • Agriculture & Farming
  • Energy & Climate
  • Buildings & Urban Performative spaces

Our products and services delivered to companies, public organizations and others covers:

  • Robotic Solutions
    End-user centered design and set up of business cases, development of robotic systems as well as competences and organizational capabilities at end-user sites, deployment of robotic solutions
  • Test & Documentation
    Performance measures on robotic systems in end-user realistic lab set ups or in real end-user environments as well as documentation and dissemination of test results to specific segments
  • Training & Education
    Tools, methods and theories transferred to end-users, system integrators, technology specialists, key stakeholders in robotic industries and users hereof with a focus on practical built up of skills
  • Analysis & Consultancy
    Identify robotics application potentials in current practices, resolve and troubleshot malfunctioning robotic solutions, comparative studies on technologies and application specifics, counseling
  • Networking & Events
    Workshops, conferences, exhibitions, study tours, awards and statistics centered around robotics in different branches with a focus on personal relations, initiation of collaborations, know-how
  • Advanced Pilot Production
    Development and manufacturing of robotic solutions or components with advanced high-tech features, establishment of advanced robot-based manufacturing of advanced products
  • Research, Development & Innovation Programs
    Breakthrough innovations based on strategic and advanced product design, consortia establishment, iterative cycle-based work plans, budgets, fundraising, proposal writing, contracting

Expertise in technological domains covers at least:

  • Modelling, simulation and programming of (robot)motions
  • Mechanics, electronics and construction
  • Sensors, signal processing and sensor fusion
  • Modern Artificial Intelligence
  • Human-Robot Interaction

DTI is a networking organization that teams up with companies, public organizations, research institutes, branch representatives and other key stakeholders in order to join forces and maximize the positive robotics impact on end-users. More than 2.500 collaborating partners from Denmark and globally are included in the network.

The DTI robot technology activities are organized at the Centre for Robot Technology in Odense, Denmark, and at DTI Robotics US, Inc. in Atlanta, USA.



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