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Lars Leopold Hinrichsen

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DMRI - Organization

DMRI is the international leading research and innovation centre within food of animal origin. DMRI assists our customers in improving their competitiveness.

Our experts develop solutions for the meat industry and provide domestic and international consultancy and training within process design, productivity improvement, product quality and hygiene to abattoirs and processing companies.

DMRI is focusing on methods and technologies for efficient production of safe meat products of high quality at competitive prices. At the same time, DMRI is committed to enhancing the working environment and animal welfare as well as demonstrating due care to the external environment.

Gregersensvej 9
DK- 2630 Taastrup 
Phone +45 7220 2000


Key employees at DMRI

Lars Hinrichsen
Executive Vice President
Tel. +45 7220 2663

Director Niels-Henrik Grothe
Tel. +45 7220 2609

Business Development
Director Susanne Støier
Tel. +45 7220 2718

Food Safety
Director Lene Meinert
Tel. +45 7220 2667

Process Design & Operations
Director Ole Damgaard
Tel. +45 7220 2692

Meat Technology
Director Ole Ryding
Tel. +45 7220 1566

Sustainability & Digitization
Director Holger Dirac
Tel. +45 7220 2978