ConSPACERS - Novel concrete spacers for future infrastructure

Henrik Erndahl Sørensen

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ConSPACERS - Novel concrete spacers for future infrastructure

Project start January 2011. Completed October 2014.


The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has initiated a 3 year EUROSTARS project, namely ConSPACERS, to develop high-quality and competitive concrete spacers for major civil engineering constructions. The project is funded by EUREKA and the EU Seventh Framework Programme. The project aims at developing a cement-based reinforcement spacer with improved bonding to the surrounding concrete, minimising chloride penetration along the interface between spacer and concrete matrix. Concrete spacers are an indispensable part of every construction project and the demand for high-quality spacers is increasing. In today´s major civil engineering works, concrete spacers’ specifications are tailored for each project. These specifications includes constituents, geometry, and strength, to mention a few. Thus, production facilities and moulds ought to adjusted or manufactured for each project, yielding high costs and lacking practicality. The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has recently completed a preliminary study on the overall quality of concrete spacers commonly used in Northern and Eastern Europe. Such study identified that it is necessary to improve the overall quality of concrete spacers and create a stronger bonding with the concrete matrix. The results from ConSPACERS will help reduce corrosion in concrete structures, decreasing maintenance and repair costs as well as prolonging service-life of concrete structures.

Project objectives

  • Develop a cement-based spacer with improved bonding properties
  • Development of spacers’ geometry and mix design to ensure improved quality
  • Perform accelerated durability tests to assess the long-term durability of proposed solutions
  • Perform pilot & full-scale tests at Betonex (where all developed technologies will be used).
  • Standardization to ensure wider and longer-term exploitation of project results.


  • Betonex, PL
  • Danish Technological Institute, DK
  • Haucon A/s, DK