Danish participation in IEA HPT Annex 48 ‘Industrial Heat Pumps’

Benjamin  Zühlsdorf

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Danish participation in IEA HPT Annex 48 ‘Industrial Heat Pumps’

Project start September 2016. The project was completed in November 2019.

Purpose of project
In many companies, the lack of experience with industrial heat pumps as well as the effort associated with the process integration are the biggest barriers to the use of industrial heat pumps.

The main purpose of Annex 48 is to overcome existing problems and barriers to large-scale market introduction of industrial heat pumps.

Annex 48 is a continuation of Annex 35, where the work was mainly concentrated on collecting statistical energy and environmental data and information, as well as knowledge about the status of research, development and use of heat pumps in the industry.

The purpose of the Danish participation in Annex 48 is to ensure that new knowledge about barriers, calculation tools for the integration of industrial heat pumps and specific case studies will be available in Denmark, and that the Danish industrial heat pump industry will be able to influence the preparation of (international) guidelines and communication about the technology.

The project is divided into the following tasks:

  • Analysis of collected case studies and successful applications of industrial heat pumps
  • Structuring information on industrial heat pumps and preparation of guidelines
  • Application of existing models for the integration of a heat pump into a process
  • Communication of the industrial heat pump potential for policy makers, designers and decision makers.


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • DTU – Mechanical Engineering
  • Johnson Controls
  • Innoterm
  • ICS Industrial Cooling Systems A/S
  • Svedan
  • Viegand Maagøe.


Dissemination activities of the Danish working group


Conference presentations:

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The project is funded by EUDP.