Permeable Paving Systems - Optimising permeable paving system for rainwater handling

Ole Grann Andersson

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Permeable Paving Systems - Optimising permeable paving system for rainwater handling

Project start June 2011. Completed August 2014.


This project aimed at developing permeable pavement systems and determining the efficiency of such systems on full scale. The testing parameters expressing the paving systems performance were hydraulics, serviceability, and filtration. Four surfaces types (i.e. impermeable concrete, permeable concrete, permeable asphalt, and epoxy bound chips) and three base layer materials types (i.e. crushed rock, crushed concrete, permeable gravel) were tested. These components were combined in six public parking spaces in Copenhagen. The project’s results indicated that all systems were able to drain large water amounts quickly. Also, the tested system had a remarkable ability to retain water; specifically, peak flow values “through surface” vs. “outlet” was offset by up to four hours. Furthermore, tests revealed that pavement surface clogging occurs, reducing the systems permeability by 20 to 80% (without maintenance). Analyses of outlet water (i.e. water infiltrated through the permeable pavements) show a significant cleansing effect; particularly, 35 to 90% of the water pollutants were removed by filtration through the permeable paving systems.

Project objectives

  • Develop permeable pavement systems
  • Determine the efficiency of developed systems by conducting full scale trials


  • Copenhagen Municipality, DK
  • Danish Technological Institute, DK
  • IBF A/S, DK
  • Midtgaard Granite A/S, DK
  • NCC A/S, DK
  • Orbicon, DK