Project – Sensor-Based Wireless Surveillance in Construction

Anita  Rasmussen

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Project – Sensor-Based Wireless Surveillance in Construction

SensoByg – An Innovation Consortium

Project start March 2007. Expected completion December 2010.

The project is completed.

The Technological Institute is project coordinator for a Danish innovation consortium with 17 participants and a total budget of 26 million DKK. The 4 year project is financially supported partly from the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation.

The project includes 4 main industry applications:

  • Moisture in buildings and effect on the indoor climate.
  • Large constructions, including bridges and tunnels, where durability and maintenance strategies are particularly important.
  • Maturity and strength development of precast concrete elements.
  • Residual moisture in concrete and drying out of concrete in the construction phase.

In addition to the above, the project contains activities, such as the development of a wireless sensor system, wireless network architecture, embedding of sensor units in freshly cast concrete, etc. All of these activities are associated with significant technical challenges to be solved. For instance the sophisticated electrical components iof a wireless sensor unit needs protection against the rough environment of a construction site. Another big challenge is the power supply to a cast-in sensor unit.

Project Objectives

  • To develop economical and reliable wireless systems for the building and construction sector.
  • To develop and demonstrate intelligent decision support systems within the various areas of application.


  • Two research institutes (concrete technology, sensor technology)
  • Four universities (building science, information technology, wireless communication)
  • Eleven industry partners

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