Project – Speedy detection of bacteria

Jan  Lorenzen

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Project – Speedy detection of bacteria

Innovation Consortium At-line monitoring of bacteria

Project start April 2007. Expected completion April 2011.

The project is completed.

Bacteria are one reason for a long list of technical problems in industry. During the project term we shall 1) achieve a better understanding of bacteria and the problems they cause 2) develop methods to monitor the problem-causing bacteria 3) test new strategies to solve bacterial problems.

On a more detailed level we shall work with a) acidic bacteria in the off-shore oil industry b) geosimin producing bacteria in water culture plants c) infectious bacteria in treated waste water.

Technically we will be working with detection of bacteria and development of a) PCR b) CARD-FISH c) Raman-based detection d) hardware & software for picture acquisition and editing.

Project objectives

  • Better understanding of microbiological processes in the oil industry, water cultures and wastewater.
  • Speedy development and better monitoring methods of critical micro-organisms / bacteria
  • Use accumulated knowledge of bacteria for help and prevention of process technical problems


  • Aalborg University, Department of Biotechnology, professor Per Halkjær Nielsen
  • Aarhus University, Department of Microbiology, lector Kjeld Ingvorsen
  • Aarhus University, Chemical Institute, professor Peter Remsen Ogilby
  • Maersk Oil & Gas, director Hans Henrik Kogsbøll
  • Aarhus Area Council, Works Department, project leader Per Overgaard Pedersen
  • Inter Aqua Advance, Managing Director Jens Ole Olesen
  • Chemometec, R&D Software Engineer Freddy Lund Jacobsen
  • The Danish Youth Science Association, (UNF), Mathias Bach