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Anna-Catharina  Röper

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Project - Alge4plast

Project start October 2023. Project completion October 2024.

The project aim is to optimize the process of drying of seaweed based plastic for injection molding. Prototype production is completed, but in the next step the production volume needs to be increased while maintaining a high quality of the plastic. Drying processes are a very critical production step that can deform the material and make it fragile when not correctly conducted.

Additional drying processes can be very costly and high energy demanding that will have a negative impact on the CO2 emission.

Therefore, different drying methodologies will be applied to explore the most efficient and scale able process.

The project novelty and research are comprised of

  • Creation of different formulations of seaweed based plastic
  • High volume production of prototypes
  • Measurements of physical characteristics
  • Selection and test of different drying processes
  • QA measurements of ready dried plastic

Project partners 

  • Dansk AlgePlast
  • Danish Technological Institute

The project has been granted by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark.



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