Project - BRILIAN

Angelica  Tamayo Tenorio

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Project - BRILIAN

Cooperative business models for the sustainable mobilization and valorisation of agricultural residues, by-products, and waste in rural areas.

Project start June 1st. 2023, expected completion within 48 months.

Brilian - Model

Please read about BRILIAN at LinkedIn

The project will define long-term strategies to increase primary producers’ agricultural income by means of expanding their business models (BMs) to incorporate agricultural by-products valorisation. Therefore, BRILIAN innovations will allow them to diversify their incomes and contribute to reducing economic risks by addressing different markets (in addition to current agricultural production and avoiding resources competition).

The project will have a great impact on primary producers, industrial companies, and the European Union as a whole. In this sense, and due to its multidisciplinary approach, BRILIAN will have scientific, societal, economic, technological, and environmental impacts.

At the geographical level, the consortium will achieve a significant impact by involving partners from a total of 5 European States but with access to additional ones through BIOEAST.


The specific objectives of the BRILIAN project are to:

  1. Forge robust multi-actor collaborations to foster cooperative business models adoption within the primary sector.
  2. Map and assess trade-offs and synergies of the bioeconomy and benchmark project advances against existing solutions within the bioeconomy sector and competing sectors/business models.
  3. Minimize environmental negative potentials of bioeconomy by setting-up and optimizing sustainable value chains.
  4. Set a horizontal framework to characterize vertical value chains by developing the BRILIAN optimization toolkit.
  5. Support the design of bio-based business models for the development and empowerment of rural areas, contributing to bioeconomy boosting.
  6. Validate 10 vertical bio-based value chains at real scale (up to TRL 7) for the production of added value bioproducts.
  7. Establish a roadmap for the adoption of BRILIAN solutions in other regions by setting up strategies with other projects and initiatives.


  • CIRCE - Centro de Investigación de Recursos y Consumos Energéticos – Spain
  • Novamont spa – Italy
  • PATURPAT - Procesados de patata paturpat s coop – Spain
  • Fundacion AITIIP – Spain
  • TECNO - Tecno Packaging– Spain
  • DLG - Dansk landbrugs grovvareselskab – Denmark
  • Danish Technological Institute – Denmark
  • Chimar (Hellas) AE – Greece
  • Asociacion cluster food+I - Spain
  • FBCD AS - Food biocluster Denmark – Denmark
  • Enco Srl – Italy
  • European bioeconomy bureau – Belgium
  • Bioeast hub CR – Czechia


Brilian - Europakort med projektpartnere


  • Project leader: Angelica Tamayo Tenorio
  • Administration: Anne Christine Steenkjaer Hastrup, Kicki Jensen, Natanya Majbritt Louie Hansen
  • Specialists: Clara Fernando Foncillas, Nikolaj From Petersen, Cathrine Lippert


  1. Understand current bioeconomy status to start building the project cases and business models from there.
  2. Focus on the environmental, sustainability, and circularity assessment of the project, including methodological assessment development and the analysis of the pilot’s improvements compared to benchmark cases.
  3. Establish novel business models for the bio-based systems and for cooperation actions between stakeholders.
  4. Validation of BRILIAN Actions for the Bio-Innovation (ABI) in three real environments.
  5. Define and implement replication and exploitation activities throughout (and after) the project to ensure that BRILIAN results will effectively benefit the EU CE and reach the market.
  6. Define dissemination and communication activities to be carried out throughout (and after) the project to ensure that BRILIAN results will effectively benefit as many European citizens as possible.