Project - Build-in-Wood

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Project - Build-in-Wood

Project start September 2019. Project completion August 2023. 

Build in wood

To meet the global and European challenges of reducing the GHG emissions from the construction sector, Build-in-Wood strives to make wood a natural choice and competitive building material. The project develops a fully documented, demonstrated, and cost-effective wood-based building system for multi-storey buildings fit for both new construction and retrofitting.

The 10 million € project is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 862820

The consortium consists of 21 partners, with the Danish Technological Institute as coordinator, and represents key European and International players from the entire building industry value chain. The partners see a huge potential and a strong need for development, demonstration, standardisation and documentation of building systems for multi-storey wood buildings, to lower the perceived higher risk of wood construction projects. The project also involves end users, politicians, and active engagement of selected European cities to increase awareness and acceptance of wood as a building material.

Several barriers hinder the spread of multi-storey wood construction projects in Europe and beyond. Build-in-Wood will address these challenges by achieving beyond state-of-the-art development of materials and components as well as structural systems and façade elements for multi-storey wood buildings fit for both new construction and retrofitting. The developments will be delivered open access to all stakeholders by means of a dynamic co-created web-based building configurator – the Design Guide – and a complimentary web-based toolbox of documented materials and components.

Project objectives

  • To make wood a natural choice of building material for the construction of multi-storey buildings
  • To decrease GHG-emissions of the European building sector
  • To establish an innovative and sustainable European value chain for multi-storey wood buildings
  • To improve the connection between rural and urban areas and to contribute to sustainable urbanisation
  • To increase productivity of the European building sector



  • Danish Technological Institute, Denmark
  • The Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology, Norway
  • C.F. Møller, Sweden
  • National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Urbasofia SRL, 
  • Romania, Brasov Metropolitan Agency, Romania
  • Waugh Thistleton Architects Ltd., United Kingdom
  • The Alexandra Institute, Denmark
  • University of Siena, Italy
  • proHolz Tirol, Austria
  • Bimetica Parametric Design Services S.L., Spain
  • Rotho Blaas SRL, Italy
  • rtd services OG, Austria
  • Adserballe & Knudsen A/S, Denmark
  • Ergodomus Timber Engineering, Italy
  • Habitech – Distretto Tecnologico Trentino S.c.a r.l., Italy
  • Splitkon AS, Norway
  • Knauf Gips KG, Germany
  • Scandi Byg A/S, Denmark
  • hsbCAD GmbH, Germany
  • EllisDon, Canada

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