Project - Counselling in connection with replacement of oil-fired burners and natural gas boilers with a RE-based form of heating

Svenn Ole Kjøller Hansen

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Project - Counselling in connection with replacement of oil-fired burners and natural gas boilers with a RE-based form of heating

Project start 2013. Ended in 2015.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the counselling of owners of buildings, who are considering converting their oil-fired burners or natural gas boilers to district heating or renewable energy (RE), such as heat pumps.

Goal of the project

In Denmark, oil-fired burners are installed in 280.000 buildings, of which about 180.000 buildings are placed in areas without the possibility of connecting to district heating or natural gas. Moreover, around 400.000 buildings are warmed up by natural gas. From 2013, it has been illegal to install oil-fired burners in new buildings, and since 2016, it is no longer allowed to install oil-fired burners in existing houses, if there is a possibility of getting district heating or natural gas instead. The background of the project is the political agreement from March 22 2012, which focuses on encouraging the phasing out of oil-fired burners as form of heating by 2030.

In order to support the rearrangement from oil-fired burners and natural gas boilers to alternatives based on renewable energy, it has been decided to strengthen the counselling of different building owners. Therefore, the goal of the project is to establish counselling by telephone, to support local counselling and to demonstrate the converting of heating installations in different typical buildings.Moreover, the project will create more awareness of the building owners about renewable energy as more attractive solutions, both economic and environmental.

The impartial counselling for all types of building owners, both citizens and companies and public end users, is conducted by Energitjenesten and behind them is a consortium consisting of VedvarendeEnergi, Bolius and Danish Technological Institute.

Danish Technological Institute's role in the project 

Danish Technological Institute's primary role in the project is quality assurance, for example of articles, cases and other communication tasks together with the technical quality in the counselling. Danish Technological Institute's specialists are normally not directly involved in the counselling services, but they can be involved in particularly difficult instances and if there are special needs and challenges. Moreover, the institute is responsible for the common re-education of all of Energitjenesten's counsellors.

In addition to this, the institute will take part in a yearly satisfaction study of building owners and the report afterwards together with further developing a guideline from an earlier pilot project to include all relewant renewable technologies.


  • Energistyrelsen
  • VedvarendeEnergi / Energitjenesten
  • Bolius
  • Danish Technological Institute