Project - Energy efficient ammonia heatpump

Jˇhannes  Kristˇfersson

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Project - Energy efficient ammonia heatpump

Energy efficient Ammonia Heatpump

Project started April 1st 2011. Project ended March 30th 2013.

Purpose & objetives of project
The purpose of the projekt is to develop a standard ammonia heatpump, where the efficiency (COP) will be improved up to 20% in comparison to traditional systems. This can be achieved by regulating the large temperature variations on the kondensator- and evaporator side, respectively. If the large variation only occurs in on of the exchangers, the level of improvement will be reduced. The increase in efficiency occurs through a reduced temperatureapproach in the heatexchangers, and through attaching a pump in connection to a flooded evaporator.

The project is divided into five phases:

  1. Simulationmodel for VP
  2. Management & control
  3. Building of pilot heatpump
  4. Test of pilot heatpump
  5. Installation of final design at a client (proof of content)


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Alfa Laval
  • Svedan
  • Grundfos Management A/S

The project was funded by EUDP.