Project - Energy efficient separation with freeze concentration

Jóhannes  Kristófersson

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Project - Energy efficient separation with freeze concentration

Energy efficient separation with freeze concentration

Project start February 1st 2015. Ended in February 1st 2017.

Purpose of project
Freeze concentration is an energy efficient and careful alternative to evaporation which con-sume 6 % of the total energy consumption in the Danish industry. It is more efficient than the best evaporation technologies, and operates at lower and more careful temperatures. The project is at pre-study aiming at a new concept for freeze concentration.

With the arrival of energy efficient compressors for water vapor and direct contact heat ex-changers, where the generation of ice happens at evaporation temperatures close to the freez-ing point, freeze concentration can become a very efficient technology. It can also be highly relevant when converting thermal processes to electrically based technologies in our fossil free future society. In contrary to most of the thermal technologies this system would be incorpo-rated in a flexible electric grid.

During freeze concentration the water part of the solution is lowered by crystallization with sub-sequent removal of the ice crystals.


The project is divided into 6 work packages:

  1. Theory on freexe concentration of representative products as well as uncovering patent conditions.
  2. Exploration of seperation techniques.
  3. Design of ice seperator.
  4. Calculations on complete system including choosing of components.
  5. Screening of relevant products for the technology and their market potential.
  6. Dissemination including development of courses and documentation of the results of the project.


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • DryingMate
  • Dynamic Enery Design


The project is funded by ELFORSK and Dansk Energi.