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Project - Flexible Energy Optimized Split Condenser Ammonia Heat Pump (FOSCAP)

Claus  Madsen

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Project - Flexible Energy Optimized Split Condenser Ammonia Heat Pump (FOSCAP)

Flexible Energy Optimized Split Condenser Ammonia Heat Pump (FOSCAP)

Start date February 1st 2014. Expected end date December  2017.

Purpose of project
Today, ammonia heat pumps are constructed with an oversized condenser unit, compared with the design capacity, to achieve low temperature approaches. By splitting up the condenser into two separate heat exchangers, the low temperature approaches can be maintained and the total heat transfer area is reduced, or the design capacity is raised. The concept is proven in a laboratory test unit in the PSO project; Energy Efficient Ammonia Heat Pump. Only the fundamental advantage of the concept has been proven, thus, it requires further investigation by scientific research work to understand the depth of the concept by obtaining detailed knowledge about the heat transfer mechanisms involved.

The objective of the project is to improve the efficiency of ammonia heat pumps with up to 30% by use of a novel heat exchanger technology, i.e. the condenser is split. This also adds the possibility to supply some of the water at a higher temperature as will be advantageous in many applications. The system can be generalized to other refrigerants.


The project is divided into 10 workpackages:

  1. Project Management
  2. Research on heat echanger design for split condenser concept
  3. Research and development of concepts for improved heat pump design
  4. Re-design, modification and commissioning of existing laboratory heat pump
  5. Research and development of regulation and control algorithms for laboratory heat pump
  6. Design, construction and installation of demonstration heatpump: Optimum efficiency
  7. Design, construction and installation of demonstration heatpump: Heating of two independent water flows
  8. Test and validation of efficiency, functionality, and performance of two demonstration heat pumps
  9. Develop simulation tools
  10. Dissemination


  • The Danish Technological Institute
  • DTU Mekanik
  • Alfa Laval Corporate AB
  • Innotek A/S
  • SVEDAN Industri Køleanlæg A/S
  • EGÅ Smede- og Maskinfabrik
  • Bjerringbro Varmeværk amba
  • Arla Foods amba

The project is funded by EUDP.