Project - Mixed refrigerant heat pumps/cooling systems (MIREHP)

Lars  Olsen

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Project - Mixed refrigerant heat pumps/cooling systems (MIREHP)

Mixed refrigerant heat pumps/cooling systems (MIREHP)

Project started  3. October 2016. Ended in December 2018.

Purpose of project

By using mixtures of refrigerants, so called zeotropic refrigerants, in refrigeration systems and heat pumps a better system efficiency can be reached resulting in energy savings. Especially in processes with a large temperature glide.


Already today hybrid absorption/compression heat pumps using an ammonia/water mixture as refrigerant is in use. The process used in “normal” hybrid absorption/compression heat pumps has a large, or rather the same temperature glide on both on the evaporator and condenser side of the heat pump, even though it is only necessary on the condensing side. If the temperature glide on the evaporator can be controlled individually from the condensing side, even better system efficiency is achieved resulting in greater energy savings and better profitability than is the case today – this can be achieved using the technology developed in this project. Better profitability can for example lead to a more widespread use of geothermal energy or help increase recovery of waste heat from industry, which is fully in line with the Danish energy policy objectives.


The project is divided into 7 work packages:

  1. Project management
  2. System requirements
  3. Simulation
  4. Design of functional analysis setup
  5. Functional analysis program
  6. Demonstration plant
  7. Dissemination of the project


  • Technological Institute
  • Sauter
  • Alfa-Laval
  • Danarctica
  • Dansk Teknologisk Universitet


The project is funded by EUDP.