Project - Preparation of the first Business-VET Forum

Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard

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Project - Preparation of the first Business-VET Forum

Preparation of a dialogue forum between European businesses and providers of vocational education and training.

The project is completed.

Project start October 2011. Expected completion July 2012.

Europe needs an improved dialogue between VET-providers and businesses. Only this way, a higher quality in education programmes can be ensured, and only this way, the European labour force can be properly geared for the future challenges that Europe is facing. As part of this process, the EU-Commission is setting up a recurring forum where high-level representatives from relevant organisations can discuss pressing issues, exchange good practices and provide policy input to the European Commission. The first forum will be held in June 2012 under the headline “Challenges and Trends in continuing skills/career development of the European workforce”. The Danish Technological Institute has been commissioned to assist the EU-Commission with the preparations for the forum.

Project goals

  • Creating a well-functioning and attractive platform for dialogue between business and VET stakeholders.
  • Qualifying discussions in the area through background analyses of the future skill requirements of businesses.
  • Creating a knowledge-intensive and exciting discussion environment during the forum through professional facilitation.
  • Ensuring dissemination of knowledge from the Forum’s discussions and conclusions through summaries and reports.
  • Creating a benchmark starting point for future Business-VET forums.


  • Danish Technological Institute
  • GHK International
  • Technopolis Group
  • 3s

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