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Project - PV Grid

PV Grid (Sustainable and Cost-Competitive Commercial Solar Energy)

Project start January 1st 2013. Completed December 31st 2015.

Purpose of project
In the latest year innovation has been happening within PV Modules, where the aim has been to find increased efficiency and environmental presentation, as well as decrease in cost. The purpose of the project is to consider and overcome barriers within commercial utilization of PV in order to achieve the full potential.
Ways of achieving this include BoS cost reduction, integration of systems in buildings, optimization of the method of mounting, esthetics & appearance, integration to grid, and lastly training, education and financing. 

An objective for the project is to identify existing barriers, which have the potential of challenging the commercial investment in PV. Following this, solutions to overcome these barriers should be thought of.
The barriers can consist of, among others, legal, technical and perceptual barriers.

Solutions are suggested and tested in connection to handling of PV systems in large scale. In this way knowledge and experience is achieved related to the project.

The size of the project, with a total budget of 9 Mio Euro, is required to implement and realise the activities needed to overcome the barriers, both in terms of having the right team of experts working on addressing these barriers, and in installing 4MW of PV solutions to demonstrate improved effect, benefit and inspiration to end-users and stakeholders.


The project is divided into 10 phases:

  1. Project management, development of risk contingency plan and coordination of assignments.
  2. Gaining knowledge in and researching the commercial market.
  3. PV design and development. Check up on requirements for development of PV product systems, evaluation of design and development of prototypes and test prototypes.
  4. Examine the possibility for innovation within service, design, implementation and development.
  5. Develop proposals and business model.
  6. Development of software design. Moreover, develop prototypes for PV GRID software.
  7. Demonstration and realisation.
  8. Test and validation. This phase also contains evaluation of the results from the above phase.
  9. Construction of capacity.
  10. Dissemination of knowledge, training and utilization.


  • Danish Technological Institute - Ivan Katic (project leader)
  • Gaia Solar
  • Seas NVE
  • Danfoss
  • Nykredit
  • Deloitte
  • Smith Innovation
  • GXN
  • Steelhouse
  • Wallvision
  • Solar City Copenhagen
  • "IT Company"
  • End-users - Berendsen, Pronova BioPharma, Vesterlyng Camping, Roskilde Forsyning

The project was funded by EUDP.