Project - Strategic Research Centre for CO2-Neutral Building

Mette  Glavind

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Project - Strategic Research Centre for CO2-Neutral Building

Project start 2009. Expected completion 2014.

Energy consumption within buildings is enormous, but if the correct knowledge and technology is applied, waste can be drastically lowered.

In Denmark, as well as the rest of the EU, the energy consumption of buildings constitutes 40% of the total energy consumption, but it has been shown that the construction industry will be able to help save as much as 80 percent of this wasted energy over the next few years. Subsequently, a lot of time is being spent developing the right technologies and materials, as well as ensuring better management of energy consumption.

Based on this evidence, the Danish Council for Strategic Research has granted resources to a new Strategic Research Centre for CO2-neutral Construction. The total budget for the research centre, which will be distributed over 5 years, is approximately DKK 52 million.    

Progress is extremely rapid in the areas of material, information and sensor technology, and the researchers at the new centre, in collaboration with partners from the industry, will seek to develop new intelligent construction components and systems.

The systems of the future will be adaptable to immediate needs, to the behaviour of users and the renewable energy production. In this way, they will help reduce the need for fossil fuels while fulfilling the users’ requirements for the building’s function and indoor climate.

With its CO2-neutral building concepts and its focus on the balance between energy savings and renewable energy production, the centre will significantly contribute to meeting the objectives of the EU’s energy policy, when it comes to sustainable development, competitiveness and securing supply.  

Objectives of the Research Centre

  • Contribute to a significant reduction in the energy consumption of buildings
  • Develop CO2-neutral building concepts  
  • Develop intelligent building components and systems   


  • AAU (project management)
  • DTU
  • Danfoss
  • Velux
  • Saint Gobain Isover
  • Danish Construction Association’s Alu-Facade Section
  • DONG Energy

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