Project - The Effect Of Water On The Properties And Behaviour Of Wood

Niels  Morsing

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Project - The Effect Of Water On The Properties And Behaviour Of Wood

Examination Of The Tree’s Internal Molecular Bonds And How Water Molecules Can Affect its Behaviour As A Construction Material.

Project start June 2008. Expected completion November 2011.

The project will examine how water affects the properties and behaviour of timber as a construction material.

The internal bonds between the molecules of the timber and the way these are arranged in the cells are essential for the effect water has on timber. For example, rigidity and strength decreases as moisture content increases. The timber also changes dimensions as a result of changes in moisture content.  

In addition, there is a combined effect of water and mechanical stress. In order to predict the behaviour of timber as a construction material, it is necessary to understand and describe changes in the internal bonds as a function of water content and mechanical stress.

Project Objectives

  • Determination of the nature and variation of the timber internal bonds
  • Determination of the effect of water molecules and mechanical stress on timber’s internal bonds
  • Connecting both of these to the behaviour timber as a construction material
  • Prediction of timber’s mechanical behaviour based on knowledge of the internal bonds