Sensory assessment of fish and fish products

Marlene Schou Grønbeck

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Pilot plant DMRI

Sensory assessment of fish and fish products

ISO standardized and food approved sensory laboratory with a trained sensory panel.

Do you need to have your products sensory evaluated in relation with optimizing recipes or production, manufacturing product prototypes or assessing utilization of side streams.

A professional sensory panel can:

  1. Describe and quantify the most prominent characteristics of the products.
  2. Difference test when changing e.g. process conditions or raw material supplier.
  3. Sensory shelf-life test (possibly with linking of microbiological analyses Link to lab M's page)
  4. Assess products during a product development phase and thereby guide development (possibly testing of prescriptions in pilot Link to pilot page)

Our sensory panel has many years of experience with ISO 4120 Triangle testing and ISO 13299/ ISO 4121 sensory profiling. The panel and laboratory are accredited under DANAK.

The panel has participated in the optimized use of a side stream from the fishing industry, which included various processing steps to  achieve the goal of removing off-flavour. The panel assessed the effect of the various processes, and the sensory data became the starting point for the next step in the optimization. 

Aker BioMarine Understory AS has been working with the sensory panel at DTI for several years, being very satisfied with the overall competence and diligence of the sensory panel at DTI. Through excellent guidance and communication, our research needs are translated into sensory evaluations, delivered in a swift and timely manner.

Diana Lindberg, Principal scientist, Aker BioMarine Understory AS.

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