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Life Science

Sune Dowler Nygaard

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Mikroindkapsling og proteomanalyse

Life Science

In the Life Science division, we focus on reaping the advantages of its new recognition within Danish industry. We are working on a high and practical level in the areas of biotechnology, ICT and health. We have high-tech laboratories, which are fully utilized when resolving tasks.

Sune Dowler Nygaard
Vice President 
Life Science
Telephone +45 7220 2420

Laboratory for Chemistry and Microbiology
Director Anna Krestine Nørgaard
Telephone +45 7220 2195

Bioengineering and Environmental Technology
Director Bodil Højland Lorentzen
Telephone +45 7220 1539

Product and Materials Chemistry
Director Helle Svendsen
Telephone +45 7220 2624