Clean and Intact Box control - CIB

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Clean and Intact Box control

Clean and Intact Box control - CIB

Use the CIB automatic vision inspection to check that your white SFK-1 boxes for internal product transport are fit for purpose after cleaning.

Thousands of boxes are circulating in a modern deboning operation. After use, they are washed and returned to the boning floor. It is essential that they are clean and without defects. If no visual inspection is carried out, a percentage of boxes are circulated with the risk of being used unclean, or with defects that can lead to product loss or damage to the operators.

When using the CIB - Clean and Intact Box control vision system - every box is checked on the fly. Unclean boxes, or boxes with holes or broken handles, can be flagged for automatic removal before returning to the production.


CIB Vision Control offers
  • 1 camera system monitoring box top and inside surfaces
  • Detection of meat contaminations (dark grease)
  • Check for broken boxes
  • Check for broken handles
  • High level of food safety
  • Reduced personal injury in box handling


Download the product leaflet and learn more