Clothing and textile - Testing

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Prøvninger - Test

Clothing and textile - Testing

Knowing the properties of a textile product is important in production, purchasing and claims. Tests can be performed during product development to assure that the quality meets expectations. Results of these tests can serve as a basis for determining which parameters should be improved in production.

When purchasing textile products, it is not always possible to visually detect whether the textile will, for example, be durable, shrink or fade in use. Test results in accordance with recognised European and international standards can be used to ascertain that your product meets the expected requirements. The test results can also help resolve complaints seeking damages.

DTI Textiles has many years of experience testing textiles. We can provide independent, accredited testing where you need not be in doubt of the accuracy of the results.

Testing with DTI includes the free use of our hangtag with informative videos.

You can learn more about our laboratory here:

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Perform accredited tests
  • Independently determine your product’s properties according to European and international standards
  • Develop your product based on test results from our accredited laboratory
  • Settle claims for damages by testing your product

Link to Textile Laboratory price list: