Final Animal Welfare - The WQC app

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Final Animal Welfare - The WQC app

Audits can be a time-consuming task and they rely on the expertise of your staff to bring value to your business.

The DMRI has developed the Welfare and Quality Check app (WQC app) that allows you to perform audits of animal welfare in your slaughterhouse, even after DMRI’s experts have left.

Web-based audit system
The WQC app is a web-based audit system that you can use on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. It has adopted the WQC protocol containing a well-defined setup of parameters that combines management related issues with practical arrangements, animal-based measures, and meat quality. This means that no area where animal welfare can be compromised is overlooked.

The WQC app supports you during audits, registers the results, and presents them graphically so that you can monitor the development in the level of animal welfare and meat quality over a period of time.

The slaughterhouse staff will be educated in using the WQC app both theoretically and practically in the production, and it is the perfect tool for surveillance, benchmarking, and communication of your animal welfare status. Alternatively, the WQC app can be installed remotely and education in using the WQC app can be performed online.

The slaughterhouse will receive a diploma stating that your business is using a tool for monitoring and documenting animal welfare developed by the DMRI.

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Photos: By use of the WQC app, the slaughterhouse will be able to continue monitoring animal welfare after DMRI's experts have left.

Case - Welfare and Quality Check by DMRI