Labour market and employment

Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard

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Beskæftigelse og kompetence

Labour market and employment

Danish Technological Institute can help you understand how technological and digital developments affect jobs and employment.

We analyse the current labour market now and the future labour market by looking at competences, skills, shifts in business and industry sectors, immigration, and where and how people live. In this way, we create knowledge that strengthens local, regional, national, or international employment strategies and initiatives.

Years of experience

We have made analyses, mappings, evaluations, and thematic background notes for many years. Our clients include the EU Commission, governments, public authorities, the social partners, labour market and employment councils, and public employment services in Denmark and abroad.

We have great insight into technological developments and have an extensive international network. Our services include quantitative and qualitative analyses, large- and small-scale surveys, impact analyses, implementation studies, scenario methodology, case studies, multidisciplinary studies, and foresight studies all based on facts and data.

How we can help you

  • We make skill and competence analyses focusing on how companies’ need for labour is changing.
  • We make scenarios, foresights and forecasts concerning developments and changes in labour markets.
  • We analyse best practices in job centres and public employment services.
  • We analyse and advise about a better and more forward-looking labour market information that can be used by government agencies, job centres, and citizens.
  • We map the labour forces of countries, regions and local authorities and look at the age of the labour force, education, present jobs, mobility, and work experience.
  • We advise on how trends and policy initiatives impact the labour market, such as consequences of immigration and companies’ use of robots, reforms, etc.
  • We support policy development and implementation - from strategy to plan and practice.
  • We are highly experienced in working with high-level working groups and task forces as well as preparing and presenting policy notes and discussion papers.

Read more about how we can help you with policy and business analyses and our working methods.