Oil and water resistant nanocoating

Kenneth Brian Haugshøj

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Oil and water resistant nanocoating

Does your product lack protection against water or oil? We develop nanocoatings that chemically bind to the surface of the product so that it is not destroyed during use. With a nanocoating, your product is covered with an ultrathin nano layer that protects it. We use state-of-the-art molecular vapour deposition (MVD) to ensure consistent top quality coatings.

We show two materials, one coated and one not. They have three water drops on them. The water beads up nicely on the coated piece and is flat on the non-coated pieceWe develop nanocoatings for products that require an oil or water resistant surface to prevent the product from being damaged when used. Such products can be microphones and headsets that are exposed to spit and sweat. With the right coating you can prevent the fluids from damaging the electronics in the products.

We do not only have a standard coating solution, but develop a coating that fits your product´s material and use. With our expertise in surface characterisation we also have the tools to determine structure and chemistry of coatings.

ISO 9001:2015 certified production 

Our production of nanocoatings is ISO 9001:2015 certified, which ensures that we always produce reproducible nanocoatings of the highest quality. We highly prioritize being a long-term partner, providing our customers with top quality coatings and short delivery time.

Less faults and complaints 

We have coated many different products, here among hearings aids. A hearing aid is exposed to both sweat and grease from earwax when used. This causes corrosion and subsequent faults if the fluids taps into the electronics. Therefore the coating has given great value to both the consumer, who has less technical problems, and the company, who has less complaints and reconstructions.

Fluorine-Free coating

In our ongoing efforts to enhance environmental sustainability, we are also developing fluorine-free coatings. These advanced coatings are designed to offer the same superior protection against moisture without the use of PFAS, aligning with upcoming EU regulations and addressing health and environmental concerns. This work is supported by the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, under The Ministry of Higher Education and Science Denmark. 

Case example: NIL Technology 

Close-up af nanocoatingSpecialist knowledge of nanocoating resulted in greater customer satisfaction for NIL Technology who had a challenge with the coating of their stamps. A collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute -  a leader in nanocoating in Denmark - now provides top-class coating.
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Do you have problems with fluids in your product? 

If fluids in your product is a problem, we can develop the right coating for you. Give us a call for an informal talk and hear about your possibilities.


Kenneth Haugshøj, keh@dti.dk, Tel +45 7220 3304.