Policy analysis

Karsten Frøhlich Hougaard

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Policy analysis

Decision-making has become more complex. The decision-making process is often situated in fast-changing, highly uncertain information-driven environments where values, behaviours, and social structures are no longer as stable and predictable as they once were. Experience demonstrates that policies designed implicitly or explicitly to operate within a certain range of conditions are often faced with challenges outside of that range. The result is that reforms can have unintended impacts and not accomplish their goals.

Policymakers therefore need new methodologies to design policies that are robust in the sense that they are adaptive to different conditions. Scenario planning and foresight methods ways to a structured yet creative process of futures thinking, without the pretence of being able to predict the future. The objective is to examine possible and plausible future developments to be better geared to make strategic decisions.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you
Policy reviews, evaluations, surveys, case studies, stakeholder analysis, indicator development, large scale assessments, impact analysis, foresights, technological road mapping are all methods we may use to create insights and value for our customers in connection with:

  • Innovation systems - governance of innovation
  • Life-long learning, education and training systems
  • Active labour market policies
  • Sector competitiveness and Industry policies
  • Regional development