Vision Check - Industrial quality control

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Vision Check - Industrial quality control

We have several ways of helping your company with challenges in inspection and quality control.

Examples of this could be the detection of impurities, scratches and other visual product defects, geometric surveying, or control of production processes early in the value chain.

What can the Danish Technological Institute help you with?

  • Proof of concept: Send us samples of the items you wish to be inspected by a camera system, and we will analyse the complexity, conduct experiments, demonstrate results and advise on possible solutions.
  • We visit your company for the purpose of reviewing products and processes where inspection or quality control with vision might be relevant. The visit concludes with a report on observations, conclusions and advice on possible improvements.

In the video below you can see how the Vejle based transport chain manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech doubled their production capabilities with a specially designed robot and vision system with built-in quality control.