Accredited calibration of CO2 meters

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Accredited calibration of CO2 meters

Measuring carbon dioxide, CO2, is crucial in many applications and processes, e.g. incubators, bio reactors, indoor climate, personal safety and food safety. To ensure correctly performed measurements, your equipment must be calibrated.

Billede til hjemmesiden "Akkrediteret kalibrering af CO2-målere

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

Danish Technological Institute is accredited by DANAK for providing calibration services in a very large area with CO2 in N2 in any point of the measuring range of the sensor.


  • 42 ppm - 480,000 ppm
  • 0.042% Vol. - 48% Vol.

If the CO2 sensor is used at other temperatures than 20 oC to 25 oC, it is advisable to have the sensor calibrated at the same temperature as in the usage situation.
We also calibrate CO2 at air temperatures from 5 oC to 50 oC (not accredited calibration).

We offer

  • Testing and characterization of sensors with different gasses at a given temperature, air humidity and pressure
  • Product development in cooperation with the customer

The Laboratory is the link to

  • Danish Technological Institute's many calibration laboratories
  • Energy Efficiency and Ventilation
  • The various centres at Danish Tecnological Institute with specialists ready to help you find solutions