Agricultural field trials - Product development and testing of technology

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Agricultural field trials

Agricultural field trials - Product development and testing of technology

Field trials is your tool for documentation of product development and testing of new technology in agriculture. The field trails are located as you prefer either at controlled facilities, in farmers’ fields or at horticulturists around Denmark. The field trials bring new products closer to the market by validating and documenting the effect under relevant laboratory or field conditions.

We deliver impartial, documented testing of new crop varieties, farming techniques and technologies in almost all types of crops. With our specialized equipment, it is possible to preform various fi eld trials. We have equipment for drilling, application of fertilizer, spraying and harvesting in both small and large plots. Testing includes documentation of relevant parameters e.g. root mass, uptake of nutrients and various quality analysis of yield. Recording of sensor NDVI or EM38 measurements as are made and data analyzed.

We cover the whole process from design planning, data assessments to yield measurements. For handling of data and statistical analysis, we are using approved tools such as NFTS, ARM, R and SAS. We make data models, simulations, and develop algorithms for e.g. plant identification from pictures. Data validation and reporting are handled by our biologists or agronomists.

We offer to cover the whole process or part of the process

  • Consultancy during planning of trials, including design experimental and assessments
  • Practical execution in the fi eld with special equipment
  • Sampling of soil and plants for analysis during the growing season
  • Laboratory analysis of soil and plant material
  • Yield measurement and quality analysis of yield
  • Data modelling, simulation and development of algorithms
  • Data collection, statistical analysis and presentation of results