Bone fragment removal - Belly Suction Unit

Bjarne Ole Sigtryggsson

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Bone fragment removal - Belly Suction Unit

The Belly Suction Unit removes bone fragments with similar or better precision than a manual operator. In many markets remnants of bone splinters and fragments are critical for the customer product approval

Video - Robot solution for bone fragment removal

Features and benefits

  • The Belly Suction Unit is a fully automatic equipment that works constantly with no distraction and operator fatigue, and will deliver a daily result that is superior to manual suction
  • Suction capacity is up to 700 belly’s per hour
  • Bellies orientated longitudinally to the conveyor belt can be sucked with product width up to 360 mm
  • The Belly Suction Unit dimensions are: Length x Width x Height: 840 x 440 x 509 mm. The unit width is adaptable to a conveyor up to max. 550 mm wide
  • The unit is designed with focus on hygiene and easy maintenance