CE marking of construction products

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CE mærkning af byggevarer

CE marking of construction products

All construction products covered by a harmonised standard must be CE marked.
If a CE marking has been done correctly, the product is guaranteed to comply with European legislation and may be sold throughout Europe. The marketer of the product is responsible for the CE marking, but in most cases documentation in the form of test reports and/or a certificate from a notified institution must be available.

How can the Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Clarification of the requirements of your product according to CE marking
  • By providing you with knowledge of demands from the construction products directive and the harmonised standards
  • Preparation of a schedule for the entire CE marking process
  • Accredited and notified laboratory testing as a basis for CE marking
  • Accredited and notified certification as a basis for CE marking
  • Preparation of FPC manual for the company’s internal management of the CE marking