Characterization for energy materials

Christoffer Mølleskov Pedersen

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Characterization for energy materials

We offer a wide range of service within characterization for energy materials - take a look below to get an overview of how we can help you.

Close-up af glas med pulverAnalysis of nanomaterials – REACH

In the Energy Materials section at DTI, we offer customized nanomaterial analysis services in compliance with the REACH guidelines, ensuring adherence to EU regulations. Our primary focus is on documenting particle properties to ensure the safety of chemicals used within the EU.

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Close-up af kviksølv i kolbeMercury intrusion – determine the porosity of your product

Mercury intrusion, is a highly effective method for characterizing pore properties, including size distribution, total volume, surface area, and median diameter. Our services harness this technique to benefit industries such as pharmaceuticals, catalysis, electronics, and materials resistance, employing multiple analysis methods for optimal results. We do also offer measurements using ISO 13175-3 and ISO 15901-1 standards.
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Close up af reagensglasElectrochemical characterization

At our Energy Materials section, our fully automated electrochemical setup enables simultaneous measurements on multiple samples, providing valuable insights such as catalyst activity, surface area, and stability.
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Close-up af maskineAnalysis of particles and dispersions

- particle size, viscosity, and stability

Specializing in particle characterization, our comprehensive analysis services encompass dispersions and particles. With expertise in determining particle sizes, viscosity, and dispersion stability, we optimize a range of applications such as coatings, energy systems, printing inks, and pharmaceutical products. By combining results from advanced analytical instruments, we deliver customized analyses promptly, covering laser diffraction, dynamic light scattering, zeta potential, rheology measurements, as well as surface area and porosity analysis.
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Close-up af maskineUltrasonic Spray Deposition

- Uses & Advantages

We offer an automated ultrasonic spray deposition system with integrated sensors for precise coating application. It enables thin, uniform coatings, porosity control, and features a self-cleaning system. With inline quality control and ink characterization, we provide advanced capabilities for optimized coating processes.
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To personer ved bord i laboratorieTemperature-programmed chemisorption analysis

Our chemisorption analysis unveils crucial chemical and surface properties when materials encounter gases or vapors. Through temperature-programmed chemisorption (TPR, TPO, TPD), we discern adsorption strength, reducibility, bonding strength, surface acidity, stability, and metallic properties. Our comprehensive analysis accommodates both powder and solid forms, tailoring the assessment to your material's specific conditions.
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