Clothing and textile - Consulting and Development

Charlotte  Fischer

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Clothing and textile - Consulting and Development

It is not easy for a textile company to maintain a high level of all round expertise. In a time of rapid developments and dynamic styles, it is often the technical parameters that are neglected rather than the visual design. Textile technical knowledge may be needed at any stage of product development or in selecting a product or supplier. DTI provides consulting services in a range of areas where there may be a lack of this knowledge.

DTI targets your specific needs based on your unique case. When developing or selecting a product, utility is essential to design, as well as function and durability. As a consulting partner, DTI can assist in identifying and clarifying potential problems from several different perspectives. We can help with advice on specific problems with a product, as well as development of new products. We can also help with the understanding of technical documents, determining which requirements are applicable to your products, and ensure that these requirements are fulfilled. Additionally, we can collaborate with you to develop bespoke testing methods for your specific products.

Contact us at any stage for a informal meeting.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Develop new products
  • Analyse problems and advise on solutions
  • Develop new testing methods
  • Interpret technical documents
  • Determine applicable product requirements in dialogue with you
  • Use our accredited laboratory to determine whether requirements are fulfilled