Coatings for Nerve Stimulating Electrodes

Kristian  Rechendorff

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Coatings for Nerve Stimulating Electrodes

Danish Technological Institute has developed a high surface area titanium nitride coating (TiN) with superior electrochemical performance for nerve stimulation. The clinical success of electrical stimulation-based neural prosthesis depends among other things on the ability of the electrode contact to chronically provide safe levels of therapeutic stimulation of the nervous system. Because the coated electrode constitutes the electrochemically active area, where charge transfer occurs during stimulation, the coating needs to have good chemical stability, high charge injection capacity, low electrical impedance, and cause a low degree of inflammation. This new type of TiN coated implantable electrodes can significantly improve the performance of existing nerve stimulating electrodes. One field of application is treatment of urinary incontinence by nerve stimulation, where we have seen very promising results in preclinical studies.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Development of novel coatings for medico applications
  • Industrial-scale production facilities for surface treatment
  • Consultancy on materials and surfaces
  • Documentation and characterization of product quality
  • Comprehensive surface characterization