Concrete for infrastructure projects - Construction phase

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Concrete for infrastructure projects - Construction phase

Quality Assurance (tendering, pre-construction and construction phases)

DTI will provide all levels of assistance from constructing the complete QA system including procedures, work instructions, forms etc. to evaluation of your QA system (e.g. inspection and test plan) according to the requirements in the specifications. We have also experience in performing internal audits as well as audits of the suppliers. DTI will assume responsibility for non-conformance reporting (NCR) and associated communication with the Client.

Temperature and stress calculations (tendering, pre-construction and construction phases)

DTI will provided the required documentation related to early-age crack control from temperature and stress calculation. DTI will determine the necessary input parameters for the calculations and perform the calculation required to find the optimum execution procedure while ensuring fulfilment of requirements. In connection with full scale trial casting we will plan, execute, online monitor and document the control of temperature. DTI will provided the required documentation that the individual castings of permanent structures fulfil the requirements established during full scale trial casting. DTI will plan, execute, monitor in real time online and document the control of temperature using real time online technology.

Ad hoc general advice/documentation (pre-construction and construction phases)

DTI will provide advice on specialty matters. We have experience in dealing with all sorts of different concrete related issues that may occur during the pre-construction phase either internally within the consortium or be received from the Client, e.g. evaporation protection, formwork pressure, casting methods, constituents, mix designs, fulfilling of requirements, standards/codes.

Revisions to the specifications (pre-construction and construction phases)

DTI can provide the technical argumentation to support suggested changes to the specification proposed to the Client (Change Request).

Documentation of running concrete production (construction phase)

  • Setting up and staffing of an onsite laboratory performing all the required testing of the fresh and hardened concrete. If required the testing will be performed under accreditation.
  • Establishing conformity to DS/EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 of the concrete testing including management of the QA system, documentation of results and training of workers.
  • Compilation of pretesting reports with evaluation of requirements (Inspection Section Certificates) ready for submission to the Client.

Special investigations (construction phase)

DTI will assume responsibility for or assist with the special investigations of concrete quality that typically become necessary during the course of construction. The broad range of Non-Destructive Testing equipment and microscopes for in-depth petrographic analysis of fluorescent epoxy impregnated thin and plane sections available to DTI can be taken advantage of.

Repair work (pre-construction and construction phases)

DTI will provide recommendations for repair. Aided by non-destructive testing DTI will survey and categorize types of defects and provide recommendations for repair strategy. Evaluation of trial repairs and associated certification of the operators are provided.