Data mining, big data and statistical analysis

Philipp  Trénel

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Data mining, big data and statistical analysis

Turn your data into valuable knowledge for your business decisions.

Data mining and big data

Data are everywhere - collected in large amounts and often from differing sources. The key to your data lies in your ability to extract the valuable part of the information hidden in your data, and making the very essence of this information accessible via user-friendly and action-orientated presentations.

The Danish Technological Institute and its team of data analysts have many years of experience and state-of-the-art skills in analysing data sets from all kinds of sources: data from classical trials, observational studies and big data situations with millions of observations. We offer a long list of statistical tools, ranging from classical statistics to modern machine learning techniques, including automatic outlier control and interactive online visualization.

Data analysis – do it right

Obviously, in order to draw any valid conclusion from your data, you must choose the proper method. This applies to all kinds of data: trial data, data from registries or databases, big data.

We can help you. The Danish Technological Institute and its team of data analysts offer you a long row of data analysis tools: Power calculations for scaling your trial in order keep your costs at a minimum. State-of-the-art statistical models and tools, so you can concentrate on the conclusions. We also develop algorithms tailored to your problems at hand, whether it comes to alarm systems, monitoring systems, process control or anything else within the data domain.

Danish Technological Institute can help you with:

  • Planning your data collection and trial design
  • IT systems for automatic data collection, data analysis and visualization
  • Quality control of your data via automatic outlier detection
  • Statistical analysis, data modelling and user survey analyses 
  • Big data analysis via machine learning and deep learning
  • Data modelling, simulation, algorithms
  • Forecast analysis, process control, alarm systems
  • Image analysis, time series analysis, geostatistics