Development of construction materials – From idea to market

Niels  Morsing

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Development of construction materials – From idea to market

Expert advice and pilot production in connection with product development, including recycling and upcycling.

Focus on developing new and improved construction materials is increasing as there is a great need to meet future challenges. This applies to the development of energy-efficient and environmentally acceptable materials, better resource utilisation, including recycling and upcycling, legal requirements for e.g. the content of hazardous substances, customer needs and expectations in terms of quality and maintenance etc. Danish Technological Institute develops new technology and has extensive knowledge of technologies in the construction industry and in other industries which can be incorporated/used in your company's business development in order to meet these challenges.

Your company can get help from idea to market from our many material experts within the areas of i.a. biomaterials, recycled materials, wood, concrete, textiles, masonry, glass, tiles, asphalt, insulation and sustainable construction. Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • We can help you with anything from brief advisory programmes and testing to complete development programmes from idea to market
  • Production of prototypes and pilot production (special areas: bricks, concrete, windows, biomaterials, composites, 3D printing, asphalt etc.). Specific suggestions for solutions or technical sparring in complete or partial development programmes
  • Advisory services regarding selection of raw materials and materials
  • Development tools such as LCA, LCC and sustainability profiles
  • Advisory services regarding legal requirements for construction materials in Denmark and abroad
  • Testing, analysis and documentation of materials and product properties (physical, biological, chemical, sensory and mechanical)
  • E.g. accelerated ageing by means of weather simulation tests in climate chambers or through outdoor exposure