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DMRI Pig Purchasing

DMRI Pig Purchasing

Pig Purchasing is a suite within DMRI Pork Profit ®

DMRI has developed a full suite of services & software tools that will assist you in harvesting the hidden profit throughout the pork value chain.

The value creation in the pork meat industry is determined by how the pig population and the sales match:

  • How to drive the pig supply towards the maximum profit according to the sales
  • How to maximise the profit through optimal carcass utilisation
  • How to maximise the profit through optimal slaughtering, cutting and deboning operations
  • How to find the sales product mix, which represents the most profitable combination

Whether a pork meat industry produces its own pigs or purchases them at the market, the available carcass online measurement systems offer a powerful tool to drive the population to the highest value in accordance with the targeted markets.

E.g., an improvement of the LMP of +1% typically corresponds to a gain of +0.015 EUR/kg carcass.

A 'Yield Model' consists of a set of equations that relates the company's margin to the measured variables for a certain type of pigs and range of products and specifications. These equations provide objective information of how the pigs are suited for producing the final articles and are the backbone of the service.

To develop these equations for a representative population of the pigs, several cutting tests are carried out in close cooperation with the company's key staff under the supervision of DMRI's expert butchers.

The DMRI Pig Purchasing service transforms the developed Yield Model equations into a comprehensive and tailor-made set of payment criteria, which are introduced into the flexible software module that gathers the information needed, as well as measurements from the traceability system, and calculates the payment per batch.

The software tool includes a powerful BI tool to effectively provide the suppliers with the proper feedback and benchmarking.



The methodology and work plan for the DMRI Pig Purchasing is as follows:

Work plan Purchasing og Sorting

Please note that the DMRI Pig Purchasing service shares the Yield Model with the DMRI Pork Sorting service, so they can be combined in the same project – phases 1 to 6 would be the same.