Drones Can Reduce Stress in Crops

Lars  Dalgaard

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Drones Can Reduce Stress in Crops

If the farmers' crops or the nurseries' plants are hit by illnesses, pest or lack of nutrients, they become stressed - and that affects the harvest and in the end the bottom line. But drones with advanced camera systems can help.

Specialists from the Danish Technological Institute’s AgroTech and Robot Technology department now join forces to develop new, usable solutions for the agricultural industry. They can combine knowledge about advanced drone and vision technology to supervise the crops' condition and meet with the challenges and needs from the agricultural domain.

- We want to find solutions for farmers and nurseries so that they can become more effective. We do that by using advanced sensors and drone technology, so that they can fly out and monitor the crops' state of health in combination with knowledge about challenges the industry has and the most optimal health parameters for the crops, says Team Manager Jacob Kortbek from DTI.

In the video above you can see how and where drones can be of assistence for farmers and plant nurseries.

The activities are backed by the Danish Agency for Institutions and Educational Grants under the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.